Truck Wraps & Graphics – First Out Roofing

These photos show the great truck wraps & graphics we do for our customers. The folks at First Out Roofing in Lake Dallas, Texas have wrapped all of the vehicles in the fleet, including trailers. You can’t help see the red and black ROOFING trucks running around the metroplex. More importantly, Nick from First Out Roofings says he gets a lot of calls from the trucks. With their phone number large on the truck, people simply shoot a pic while in traffic and give them a call.


Are truck wraps & graphics effective?

Yes. Think about your vehicle as a rolling billboard. As you drive in traffic, your brand becomes a household name as people see it over and over again. Truck wraps & graphics should be bold, so they are effective. Remember, you want people to see your brand from a far distance, so you get the most exposure you can.

As you can see in First Out Roofings truck wraps & graphics, the ROOFING stands out. Plus, the phone number is big and easy to remember. We use Portside Marketing in Flower Mound for our graphic design. Their experience and award-winning designers know how to create a wrap design that is eye catching and memorable.

Truck Wraps & Graphics – Affordable Marketing

Marketing dollars are often pretty hard to come by. We get that. So we try to be as efficient as we can to keep our costs lower, while maintaining extremely high quality standards. We also have ideas that can help you save money on your truck wraps & graphics. There are things you may want to consider to save money on truck wraps & graphics.

Buy vehicles in colors that are easier to leave portions unwrapped – for instance – a white truck could have some panels wrapped while leaving others alone. White is an easy color to match so the wrap looks good, as opposed to some reds or blues. You can also consider just using window graphics if you cannot afford wrapping more panels. The window graphics now come perforated to you can still easily see outside of the vehicle.

Finally, think about the design and the message. Could you just wrap the sides and back? Do you really need to do the hood or roof? While many business owners do choose to wrap the entire vehicle, there are plenty of ways to help save costs. Consulting with each business is key to selecting the right solution.

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