Ceramic Window Film Has Many Benefits
August 10, 2017

Automotive window tints can block UV rays and let’s face it, that’s a big deal here in Texas.  When you see the cars and trucks in our area, a lot of them have tinted windows. Some people just like the look of tinted automotive windows. Some people are less concerned about the look and blocking the sun, and get their windows tinted to help keep the heat down in the car. But you can see that there appears to be more than one type of car tint.

You are correct. There are four types of automotive window tint and each has its drawbacks and benefits. Not all of these automotive window tints can block UV rays. If you want your car or truck windows tinted, you can be sure that Synergy Tint & Graphics can install any of them. If you call us at (972) 353-7777, we’ll be happy to help you decide which tint is best for you and show you which automotive window tints can block UV rays.  So, what are your choices?

Dyed Automotive Window Tints

Dyed window tint film is an economical choice. It is the least expensive of the automotive window tints and has less benefits but still works. Usually this type of tint is chosen strictly for its looks. It blocks the sun’s rays and it also reduces the amount of solar heat that enters your car. It does this with the addition of a dye placed on the film. The dye is put on the layer next to the adhesive and it is then placed on the window. This type of tint looks black from the outside and affords some privacy, but the amount of solar heat it prevents, reduces over time and eventually the dye does fade. This is not an automotive window tint that can block UV rays.

Metalized Film Automotive Window Tints

Metalized film is similar to dyed window tint film because both of them reflect the heat from the interior of your car. Plus, metalized film, like it sounds, has small metallic particles embedded in the film. These particles are invisible to the naked eye, but this is not an automotive window tint that can block UV rays. One of the advantages of the metallized film is that the metal strengthens the window to some extent. If you are in a vehicle accident, you’ll find that the window is more shatter-resistant.

Unlike dyed window tint film, metalized film looks shiny from the outside instead of black. It is also more scratch-resistant than dyed window tint film. The main drawback of metalized film is that the metal interferes with cell phones and GPS. It can also interfere with radio transmissions. So if you like your electronic gadgets, this is not the tint for you. This is also not the tint if you want an automotive window tint that can block UV rays.

Carbon Window Tint Film

You folks who like all the latest gadgets will like this window tint film. Carbon window tint film has no metal so it won’t interfere with the gadget playing your favorite tunes on or the one helping you get where you’re going. When you put it on your car windows it looks good. It has a matte-finish and it’s nice and dark.

You probably already know that the infrared light is the light that causes your car to heat up and UV light is the light that causes sunburn. Carbon window tint blocks 40% of that heat-causing light, but is not an automotive window tint that can block UV rays. It works as well as any other solution to reduce the heat in your car and it cools the inside space pretty effectively. As an added bonus, it prevents your upholstery from fading. Since it is so effective you won’t need your air conditioning as much in the summer and you won’t need the heat as much in the winter. One more plus is that it doesn’t fade with time like dyed window tint film.

Ceramic Film Automotive Tints Can Block UV Rays

Of course, we saved the best for last. Ceramic film is by far the best automotive window tint solution. Ceramic film has no metal, carbon or dyes. It is composed of little ceramic particles that are nonconductive and nonmetallic. It is a fairly new tint, but has already proven its effectiveness and it is an automotive window tint that can block UV rays. Ceramic film allows you maximum visibility in both the daytime and nighttime. It cuts the solar heat by 40% to 50%, helping to keep the inside of your car cool.

Ceramic film has other advantages. Like metallic window tint, it also strengthens the window, but makes it highly shatterproof. Though it blocks the infrared rays like the other tints, ceramic tints are the only automotive window tints that can block UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer. It is extremely effective because it blocks 99% of the UV rays. Ceramic tint surpasses the other three in its ability to prevent your upholstery from fading and it is more glare-resistant as well. And for all you Inspector Gadgets out there, your toys will work. Ceramic times don’t interfere with radio waves, cell phones, GPS systems or any other high tech toy you can think of.

Call Synergy Tint & Graphics at (972) 353-7777 so we can guide you to the solution that’s right for you. If you want automotive window tints that can block UV rays, we can get you set up with some ceramic films in no time.

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