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Are you thinking about tinting your car’s windows?  There are a number of reasons for doing so.  It keeps your car cooler, you use less energy, it protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays, and it can keep people from seeing items you have inside your car.  In addition to these reasons, tinting your car windows is fairly inexpensive.  There are four different types of tinting available.

Remember that some states have laws about how dark your windows can be tinted.

Non-fading – Dyed Film

Dyed tint is the most basic type of window tinting.  It’s made up of a single layer of a specially treated polyester film.  This film protects against UV rays and absorbs heat.  It’s also the darkest in appearance because it doesn’t use any metal at all.  However, it has the lowest heat absorption level, so it won’t help keep your car as cool as ceramic or other tint types.  It’s mainly used to make your car windows look very dark and prevent interior fading and glare while giving you privacy.

Ceramic Automotive Tinting

Ceramic tinting can absorb two times the amount of heat that hybrid tints can. That means it can keep the interior much cooler in hot Texas summers. The tint is fairly light, so it doesn’t reduce visibility in any way.  It’s a good choice for those who live in hot areas, but it does take quite some time to dry because it’s a heavier film. This is one of the best choices and very popular.

We also offer commercial window tinting services.

Superior Quality

We use Llumar products for high quality, long-lasting automotive tinting.

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